IoT Integration Services

Meshed is the integrator of the Internet of Things for the connected world.

With the explosion of connected sensors, smart devices, analytics and the cloud, organisations are now leveraging the connected web to generate better information about their assets and harnessing new ways to make and save money.

Meshed is providing agile technology integration solutions for the Internet of Things ranging from

  • connected vehicles and OBD solutions
  • sensor networks for industry and agriculture
  • smart controller design and build
  • remote monitoring and automated alarms
  • software platforms and analytics

Our solutions include the design & development of IP based connected hardware devices, firmware creation, software & network integration, and cloud based analytical platforms.

Using Meshed advanced reporting & analytics services, we can provide timely information at your fingertips for rapid response and smart decision making.

Community IoT Network

Meshed is an initiator of “The Things Network” for multiple regions in Australia. We provide and maintain LoRaWAN narrowband networks and work with our partners to encourage community adoption and help develop IoT use cases.

Connected Vehicles & Telematics

Meshed is a proven supplier of design & integration services for connected vehicle and telematics platforms and has deep vehicle On-board Diagnostics (OBD) skills. Some of the components we offer:

  • OBD Reader hardware and firmware design
  • Micro-services based server application design and development
  • Web and Mobile Application development
  • Business Analytics

Asset Condition Reporting

Remote condition monitoring and predictive maintenance are insurance policies against equipment down-time. By deploying the latest mobile, intelligent networks & advanced analytics capabilities, critical assets can managed remotely to achieve higher reliability, reduced manpower, better scheduled maintenance, improved plant visibility and information transfer for centralised decision making.