Community IoT Network overview

A Low Power Wide Area Network for IoT devices that’s free to use, sponsored by your community. Using LoRaWAN technology and The Things Network, devices can communicate with the network from up to 15km away, using very low power.

See the video here (1:31 min) for an overview of The Things Network


How to connect to The Things Network in Australia




Community IoT Network

Meshed is deploying flexible and scalable public access LPWANs for city and regional communities, including gateways, node devices, data sharing dashboards and community enablement. If you would like your community IoT activated please enquire below.


Brisbane CBD network

In October 2016, Queensland University of Technology (QUT) partnered with Meshed to provide an IoT Community Network for Brisbane. The LoRaWAN gateway is located at Gardens Point campus with good coverage into the CBD and beyond.


UTS FEIT Building

Sydney CBD network

University Of Technology Sydney (UTS), in partnership with Meshed launched their Community IoT Network in July 2016. It consists of a single gateway mounted on the roof of the historic Building 10 and is available to all nearby university campuses and anyone in the inner city area within range of the gateway.

KPMG and International Towers have also added to this network with a gateway on top of Barangaroo Tower 3.

University Of Wollongong

Wollongong network

University Of Wollongong, in partnership with Meshed, launched their Community IoT Network in March 2016. The gateway is installed on the Smart Buildings Research Centre (SBRC) building and is available to university students, faculty members, City Of Wollongong and anyone within range.