How to connect to

The Things Network in Australia



In order to connect a device to The Things Network, follow this TTN documentation.


Set your device’s band plan to match a gateway in your area. In Australia, we use AS923 and AU915 band plans. Most gateways installed by Meshed support both band plans. In some cases only AS923 is supported and in a few cases only AU915.
You can see where gateways are located on TTN’s map.


In order to retrieve data, follow the instructions in TTN’s application documentation.


LoRaWAN devices operating on US frequencies (US915 band plan) or European frequencies (EU868) will not work on The Things Network in Australia and are illegal for use here, as they will interfere with existing equipment.

Before you purchase/import any LoRaWAN devices, ensure they comply with the AU915 or AS923 LoRaWAN band plan. All LoRaWAN devices purchased from Meshed comply with these standards.