Explore our LoRaWAN IoT Private Networks on offer. We feature enterprise-grade LoRaWAN network servers because we understand the need for greater resiliency, performance and scalability. Conveniently, these are all included to support your mission-critical LoRaWAN applications with us.

LoRaWAN IoT Private Networks

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The Solution

We offer enterprise-grade LoRaWAN IoT private networks for our clients. Powered by The Things Industries, our LoRaWAN IoT private networks are a premium solution for your operations. Most importantly, we provide higher availability and service levels to support important administration as well as management functionality. The Things Industries (TTI) has a brilliant explainer on LoRaWAN to give you a better idea on how we use it.

Our Private Networks

We use enterprise-grade TTI v3 network servers on AWS. Above all, we ensure your valuable IoT data is delivered to the right place and application 24/7. Namely, we provide three key features we know our clients are looking for.


  • Service Level Agreements – 99% plus availability
  • Local support from our Australian technical team
  • Peace of mind – Meshed has you covered

Pricing & Perks:

With prices starting at $150 (excl. GST) per month, you can scale your LoRaWAN solution. Meanwhile, you can have peace of mind knowing your coverage is backed by agreed SLAs from the best in the business. Additionally, we also offer a hosted dashboard, integration layer and storage solution.

To sum up, we’ve created a premium Australian LoRaWAN private network solution. Moreover, we have a plethora of satisfied clients and success stories showcasing our private network solutions.

Case Studies

We’ve got a great portal containing our solution success stories so that you can see our networks in action. To see real-world applications of our LoRaWAN private networks and in-depth analysis of Meshed’s projects, visit our LoRaWAN IoT Case Studies page for a range of examples.

Finally, if you have any questions or queries about our private networks, get in touch with us. By contacting us, we can specify what our solutions can offer to your business and craft a solution to best suit you.

Some of our Private Networks clients

LoRaWAN IoT Private Networks