Meshed is a member of the Internet of Things Alliance for Australia. Our public access LoRAWAN networks have been launched by IoTAA, as a driver of their vision to grow Australia’ s competitive advantage through IoT.

Meshed's Partners | The Things Network

The Things Network is a global open source LoRaWAN network server technology, supporting thousands of communities across the world. Meshed is pleased to be the largest initiator of The Things Network in Australia and we are expanding the global network together.

LoRaWAN IoT Private Networks

The Things Industries brings an enterprise-grade LoRaWAN stack to meet your requirements for security, scalability and robustness. Meshed is a proud integrator of The Things Industries providing private networks, no matter how small or large your solution needs to be.

Meshed is a member of the LoRa Alliance, an open, non-profit association of members that is driving the adoption of LoRaWAN as a global open standard for LPWAN to enable Internet of Things, machine-to-machine, smart city, smart energy, water, environment and industrial applications. Meshed is supporting an open-ecosystem across the IoT stack in conjunction with the LoRa-Alliance.

Semtech is a leading supplier in innovative technologies for advanced communications, wireless and sensing products. Their unique LoRa technology underpins our solutions and enables IoT applications to flourish.

IoT Alliance Australia’s vision is to empower industry to grow Australia’s competitive advantage through IoT. With over 380 member organisations, Meshed has partnered with IoTAA to accelerate IoT innovation and adoption by supporting collaboration across industry, government, research and communities.

Smart Cities Council Australia New Zealand is the region’s leading authority in smart cities. Meshed is partnering with the Smart Cities Council to deliver innovative IoT and smart cities solutions and data sharing models to create smart, sustainable cities and communities in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Open Cities is a peak association representing infrastructure and service providers, cities and urban design advocates working together to transition Australian communities to a more sustainable, resilient and affordable future for energy, water, digital and mobility.

The Australian Smart Communities Association (ASCA) facilitates, promotes and advises on how communities can build liveable, sustainable, workable smart cities. Meshed is leading the way in partnering with local governments both urban and regional, to provide greater connectivity through IoT and promoting data sharing for economic, environment and social impact.

Within the research and education sector, Meshed is working with AARNet to accelerates the use of the IoT in Australia by improving the accessibility of IoT networks, for Australian researchers and educators .

Multitech are the leaders in designing, manufacturing and providing communication equipment for the industrial Internet of Things. Our partnership with Multitech allow us to deploy robust and scalable IoT solutions.