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Leaders in LoRaWAN IoT

Meet the Meshed Team – passionate LoRaWAN IoT integrators with extensive industry experience.

Andrew Maggio | Meet the Meshed Team

Andrew Maggio

Founder and Director of Technology & Operations

Andrew brings more than 25 years' experience in Information Technology, with over a decade at Microsoft Australia and in the UK. He has held senior roles with Graincorp and has developed a strong background in digital electronics, network architecture and vehicle telematics.

In 2013 Andrew started his IoT business, LOCstep Technology Solutions, to deliver consulting projects such as a “Connected Car” telematics proof-of-concept to NRMA Motoring & Services. He has also delivered a Remote Asset Monitoring solution to a large Australian Defence Contracting organisation. Andrew is responsible for technology and operations for Meshed.

Catherine Caruana-McManus | Meet the Meshed Team

Catherine Caruana-McManus

Co-Founder and Director Sales & Strategy

Catherine is widely recognised as an expert in smart cities and digital infrastructure with over 25 years' experience across the infrastructure, telecommunications and IT Sectors. Catherine is on the Board of the IoT Alliance Australia, on the Advisory Council for SMART Infrastructure (UoW) and winner of IoT Ambassador and Smart Cities Industry Leader Awards.

Prior to Meshed, Catherine was a Director at KPMG in the IoT Practice and Director of IBM Smarter Cities. Catherine has held other Executive positions for PMP Limited, Telstra and MC2 Consulting. Catherine holds university qualifications in urban planning, economics, management and finance.

Paul McManus | Meet the Meshed Team

Paul McManus

Co-Founder and General Manager

Paul has over 25 years' experience in senior IT, Telecommunications and Sales Management roles, with companies like Dimension Data, Data#3, Com Tech Communications as well as building and selling start-ups.

Developing the IoT Solution suite for Meshed and driving business development has been the main focus for Paul over the last few years. Paul is now an expert in LoRaWAN devices and solutions in the Smart Cities, PropTech and Ag-Tech space, assisting clients with product selection and building the Meshed LoRaWAN device catalogue.

Chris Gooode

Account Manager

Chris has extensive experience bringing emerging technologies to the market. He understands how enterprise and government can leverage technology to overcome business challenges. Chris holds university qualifications in Commerce and Law.

Prior to joining Meshed, Chris has worked within a number of technology verticals, including asset management, proptech and cleantech, where he has been responsible for business development, client relationships and partnerships.

Ross Polhill Meshed IoT

Ross Polhill

IoT Technical Specialist

Ross is a Mechatronics Engineer with a background in robotics and data processing. Ross's goal is to improve people's lives and lifestyles by integrating IoT into the world around them and has been involved as a mentor and team member for key robotics events such as the FIRST initiative.

Prior to joining Meshed, Ross was a consultant to the rail industry including conducting on-site testing and commissioning of vehicles, procedural development, data analysis and program development. Ross is bringing his experience with major asset management organisations to benefit Meshed business and the broader IoT community.

Henry Zhong

IoT Technical Specialist

Henry is an industrial IoT technical specialist with a background in electrical engineering, autonomous operations and controls for utilities. Prior to Meshed, he held a customer interfacing role with an electrical engineering consulting firm responsible for Sydney Water’s SCADA maintenance & reporting systems.

Henry is committed to realising the operational and business benefits of IoT and holds university qualifications in electrical engineering.

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